Kate Butcher | Services
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Kate specializes in helping individuals and teams work more effectively, driving toward desired outcomes (and also have some fun along the way.) We all work with people, in groups or teams, and sometimes we need a bit of help to increase our effectiveness working together. It may be a newly formed team, an existing workgroup, or an individual wondering how to perform better — Kate’s coaching will help move more quickly to the results you need.


Kate’s style of facilitation comes with a light touch and a great sense of humor. She conducts conversations through processes and activities that engage a team or group in the spirit of development and growth.


Working with the energy in the room, Kate’s facilitated engagements are highly experiential and deliberately targeted to build group cohesion, unlock potential and drive specific business outcomes.


Kate brings a unique combination of her extensive business and marketing experiences and her insights into how people and teams work, to support her Consulting practice.


She has consulting experience in Organizational Development, Change Management, Leadership Development and Program and Business Management, working with large companies, small businesses and the not for profit sector.

Schedule some time with Kate to explore ways to help you or your organization.