Kate Butcher | About
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About Kate

Kate started her professional career writing computer software in the Netherlands and in the UK after earning a Bachelor of Science in Math and Computer Science.


Kate continued her education at Manchester Business School, one of the leading  schools in the UK, where she earned an MBA and graduated in the top 15% of her class. Following graduation, she continued her career at Rank Xerox. Kate continued to advance in the world of technology with a position at Digital and later at Microsoft, where she transitioned to the US.


She moved to Seattle WA in 2000 with the motto ‘new millennium, new start!’ After 10 years at Microsoft she started her own consultancy business and decided to fulfill a growing need to better understand people. She completed her MA in Leadership and Organizational Systems, a Masters in Behavioral Science from LIOS Graduate College of Saybrook University.


Since finishing Grad School, Kate has spent her time working with clients to support their organization development goals through workshops, off-sites, executive coaching and consulting. Today her consulting practice brings together her extensive business experience and her passion for working with people, giving her an innate ability to understand complex systems and unlocking the potential in organizations, teams and individuals.


Kate has often found it is the lighter touch and a good sense of humor that can bring about profound change. She built up a deeper understanding of the somatic experience, and in her off hours offers classes in Laughter Yoga.