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Organizational Development, Facilitation, Coaching
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Kate is a results-oriented and people-centric leader. She has a track record of managing and leading teams of all sizes, spearheading successful change initiatives in large organizations, and unlocking both the business and people potential in complex systems.


A highly knowledgeable facilitator, coach and consultant, with more than twenty years of business, non-profit and community experience, Kate has a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters of Arts in Organizational Systems specializing in Leadership and Organizational Development.


Kate leads with a light touch and an appreciative curiosity for people and organizations — which allows her to get at the heart of systemic issues and move complex and challenging situations forward.


Kate specializes in helping individuals and teams work more effectively, driving toward desired outcomes (and also having some fun along the way). She offers both individual executive and team coaching services.


Kate can help your organization be more effective working together by focusing on the unique needs of your team. Her process involves live coaching in team meetings and working with the team members on an individual coaching basis. You may be a part of a newly formed team, an existing work-group, or an individual wondering how to perform better — Kate’s coaching skills can help you move more quickly to the results you need.


Kate’s style of facilitation comes with a light touch and a great sense of humor. She conducts conversations through processes and activities that engage a team or a group in the spirit of development and growth.


Working with the energy in the room, Kate’s facilitated engagements are experience-based and deliberately targeted toward building group cohesion, unlocking potential and driving specific business outcomes.


Client engagements have focused on: Communication and Collaboration, Leading in Times of Change, Strategic Planning and Team Building.


Combining her business, marketing and people skills, Kate can help your organization develop strategic plans, marketing strategies and execution plans.


She has experience working in both large businesses and in not-for-profit organizations running leadership retreats focussed on developing new strategic initiatives, building and leading change management programs and providing business management support.

Schedule some time with Kate so she can help you or your organization!



Kate works with a wide range of clients in both the US and UK, from multinational organizations and non-profits to local events such as the Kirkland OktoberFest. Regardless of size, she understands every organization is made up of people, and sees each client as an opportunity to build both internal and external connections, improve relationships, and start real conversations.